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By: JP Harr

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Only Flat On The Bottom

Camaros are cool, but '67 Stingrays are really cool.

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FSC Bell Tower

Fountain Street Church

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Clearance 11' 6"


"No," he said in Spanish.

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Is It Just Me...?

i hope these doors open soon
Or is it getting hot in here?

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Here's A Story For You

not part of the story
A buddy from my Air Force days e-mailed me some vids of off-roading and hill-climbing in trucks, and included a note that said:

"Feel like your Nissan over some cliff in Santa Cruz mountains????"

...because of a particular incident a few years ago when we were stationed in the San Jose, California area. We were heading up to our favorite beer-drinking spot with a case of Lowenbrau in my almost-new Nissan pickup truck. The roads were all twisty, curves to be taken at 15 to 20 miles per hour.
A car pulled out in front of us from a parking spot along the two-lane road and proceeded to move up the mountain very slowly. At a straight section, I downshifted to second and floored it, passing the car, moving back into the lane in front of it just in time to slam on the brakes and make the next curve to the left. Well, I didn't exactly slow down enough and we slid off the road, the front tires locked up, steering locked left, a pair of skid marks trailing off the pavement and through the dirt and over the cliff.
Very luckily for the two of us, this particular section of twisties had a lot of trees. Other areas in those mountains can just be dry gullies and scrub, but this was lush, and the trees stopped our downward slide fairly soon. Actually, as the truck went off the road, it became airborne because the cliff was quite steep. At about a 90-degree rotation, the bed of the truck was crushed inward by a tree trunk, and then as the truck had rolled 180 degrees, the center of the front end slammed into another tree. The truck then fell to the ground, crushing the roof.
The back window remained intact, but the windshield was smashed against the top of the dashboard. We were both wearing seatbelts, and I'm pretty certain that our seatbelts kept our torsos and heads from being caught between the dashboard and windshield, and for that fact, I am a believer in seatbelts.
So, it was dusk, the engine stalled out, the headlights were still on, illuminating some of the dirt and woods around us, and it became very quiet for just a moment. He and I were suspended upside-down by the seatbelts. We both checked on each other and found each to be okay. We rolled the windows up (down), unlatched our seatbelts and fell to the ceiling, then crawled out. I kicked the truck.
A bunch of other stuff happened, and it was a crappy night. The next day we went back to the scene. The spot where the front bumper hit the tree was higher than I could reach, the angle of the ground being severe. We gathered as many of the beers as we could find, and drank them on the side of the hill. It was so steep that we had to crawl up on our hands and feet. Freakin' lucky, we were. The beer was warmish, but it tasted good.

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