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Other: E-500
Ronald De Buck
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Click Ando
Latest entry:MARVIN
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Walter Ferrari
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Latest entry:Doha.Qatar
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Mikael Kask
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Vera Martino
Latest entry:Una rosa per mamma
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Fernanda Fonseca
os dias como as pérolas num colar View this Fotopage entry
Allison Elizabeth Whitney
Latest entry:Rain
Our governor asked Texans to pray for rain last week. I was sitting in the nursery this morning while the boys were at school. I was moving furniture around. Nesting is fun! There's always something that doesn't seem quite right where it is... I sat down in my cozy nursing chair and looked out the window. I was thinking about how I won't be sleeping for the next couple of years. We've had some serious discussions here about having more kids or stopping at three. Thinking about this, I pulled u... View this Fotopage entry
Ridin' with Poppy!
Richard Jennings
Latest entry:Race Day Supplies
Greetings fellow runners! Last night (for those that made it out) I talked a little about preparing for race day. Some of the points covered included: * ■ Preparation for race day starts the week before the race, and especially the last two to three days before. ■ The night before likely you won't have the best sleep ever, so it's really the two nights before that, that you want to get to bed early and get plenty of rest. Also the day before the race, don't decide you want to go sightseeing a... View this Fotopage entry
Flying Orange
Latest entry:The photoblog has moved
I've moved my photos to this website: :bounce: View this Fotopage entry
wouter desmedt
Latest entry:Been to long...
Been to long but here's a foto I made @ Spa this summer, foto is straight from the camera and uncut or fotoshopt (except of the copyright :P ). Hope he was worth waiting for :-D gr Wout View this Fotopage entry
Katrien Dumazy
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liz Moody
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Caz Medder
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kirkor gullapyan
Latest entry:Volkswagen 1963
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1/43 model of Opel Capitan 1953
Gerrit Torremans
Latest entry:Back into time.. 1930's Absinth Bar
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Maryam the enthusiast
Latest entry:New (old) ones
I really forgot how relaxing it is editing my old stockpile of photos, alhamdulillah. This is a little guy who made off with a piece of ketchup chip. Red is dramatic. View this Fotopage entry
The Hour
herman stassijns
Latest entry:enten: resultaat
4 pogingen, 1 'gelukt', maar t is nog afwachten... t Lijkt me nogal los te hangen :-S View this Fotopage entry
Juli Eklund
Latest entry:Happy Holidays from the Kansas Krew
Well, I've now experienced a blizzard. We've had snow since I moved to Kansas, but not a blizzard and what started on Christmas Eve was definitely a blizzard. And not a bad one at that when you compare it to weather further north. It's not that we got any great quantities of snow; it's what the wind did with the snow we got. It's hard to tell the exact accumulations since in some spots it's only three inches deep and in others it's three feet deep. The driveway has a good eight inches and since four inches ... View this Fotopage entry
Dressed for Dinner
Jankel Jankelbrod
Latest entry:Autumn kite
Waiting for a good breeze View this Fotopage entry
Autumn kite
xxx judith hough
Latest entry:what I see along the way!
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Jen Pedler
Latest entry:A Severe Weather Event
It snowed in the UK today - around 8 inches in London - and as usual the whole country ground to a halt. No buses were running in London this morning (although a few resumed this afternoon), parts of the tube were suspended, schools were closed, theatres cancelled performances, airport runways shut down, an estimated fifth of the workforce didn't make it to work. I managed to get into central London only to find that the college was closing and I had to turn round and come back home. It was fun going into ... View this Fotopage entry
gloomy coughs
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abdullah jones
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empty swing; where's shalini ii
Rajiv Chopra
Latest entry:Halebidu
Halebidu was, it seems, one of the capitals of the Hoysala Empire of South India, some 1,000 years ago. Halebidu Temple represents some of the most fantastic temple carvings of the Hoysalas. I went there some 22 years ago, when I was doing my MBA. This was one of those weekend trips we used to make. We'd get into a hired vehicle, and move. Those were the times when the world was young and at our feet. Halebidu was fantastic. My first sight of the temple simply took my breath away. If I had a week the... View this Fotopage entry
Carving 2
Don Sieger
Latest entry:New life of sorts to an old dead tree!
I found these mushrooms growing out the side of an old dead Birch tree. View this Fotopage entry
The tree in question
reza Vaezpour
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Juaini Shamsul
Latest entry:Mrs Mahirah
My very good friend from college. Congratulations :) View this Fotopage entry
Aim in TO
Latest entry:Spring & Summer
I've moved over to picasa web. Yes, yes I know ... there is COMMUNITY here and I will still participate when I have some colourful or interesting images to share (like the ones I've posted today) but I find picasa web to be much easier and more flexible since it allows for video upload as well as static images. Feel free to catch up on the silliness that is my life, in my album). These are some of the shots I've taken over the past few months, both locally an... View this Fotopage entry
overlooking the Santa Monica mountains
bob howard
Latest entry:malaysian nite
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Wednesdays Child
Latest entry:Awwww. SPAMMERS make us disable comments
You can still send a PM. View this Fotopage entry
Steve Troy
Latest entry:Storms and Sunsets
A little contrast now..........some skies from South Dakota...... View this Fotopage entry
Think About It Thursday
Latest entry:Think About It Thursday
This is a game Fotopage. We leave a clue foto, and you try to guess what the thing is. That's why we call it Think About It Thursday -- you come by on Thursday and think about the puzzler. Go ahead and play and we'll catch up with you again next Thursday! Besides, just by taking a stab at the answer, you will receive a lovely free Trackback to your own Fotopage. Don't forget that famous old lottery adage: You can't win if you don't play! :-D Scroll down to begin.... View this Fotopage entry
Elaine Louvier
Latest entry:Photo Challenge # 149...... Anger
Dolly is the gentlest dog. but when she plays she looks ferocious View this Fotopage entry
Go ahead, make my day!
Dark Room
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magoo magoo
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